Arel-in-studio-copyArel (Rachel) was born in the Philadelphia suburb of Norristown in 1952. After public school, she completed her advanced learning at Carlow College in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH, College of Art and Design. After university, she traveled throughout the United States, Mexico, Israel, and Europe learning local crafts and customs, observing, and faithfully sketching ideas in notebooks that she refers to years later.

Arel and her husband have made weavings and mixed media textile art in Israel and operated The Hands Work Button Studio in Pecos, New Mexico for 18 years. They sold their porcelain buttons around the world and to 2 very famous designers. (They aren’t supposed to know who they are-but someone they knew saw the boards). They made it to the big time-someone saw a collection of their porcelain jewelry on Ebay recently!)The studio employed approximately 70 men and women over the years-they have some great stories!)

arel_colorIn 1998, the Mishory family was given a challange to change their lives when Arel was diagnosed with a very large meningioma (brain tumor). The operation was succssful, and after a year of recuperation, Arel returned to the studio-but this time on her own. Her husband took a position as an administrator of the local Yeshiva. After 8 years, he returned to school to begin the process of his PhD in psychology. He now has a private practice as a psychotherapist, and he and Arel are on the dissertation journey. The window into psychology has also altered Arel’s approach to her art. Their son Elie is now married to Dassi and they have 5 children and live in Baltimore.


Feel free to ask a question or inquire about my art. I am always glad to help.
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