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Family Portrait

Does Bigger make it ART? On Saturday night, Motzei Shabbos, I was in a Gallery of Contemporary Art and as I was rolling my pineapple in the flowing chocolate from a Chocolate Fountain, my attention was caught by a Work of Art that gave me pause. Why? Because I have been doing what that artist was doing for the […]

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I am not a neat artist. I love a mess.

Busy Getting Ready for the HEA show!

The HEA show is coming up! Here is the link to the HEA Facebook page. This is going to be an exciting event. BE sure to plan for staying a good amount of time-this can not be seen at a glance. Wear comfy shoes and maybe bring a second pair! You may not even NEED […]

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The House of Possibility_small

Been a LOOOOONNG time comin’

I wonder why when I got my web site renewed that I thought that I would be blogging from Day 1? That sure hasn’t happened. I don’t have time to read blogs let alone write something, but I am determined to make that change. I have been kind of treading water as far as art […]

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2015-02-07 05.32.31

A Piece of Art a Day Challenge-DAy #3

I made this piece yesterday. I painted it on something very small-yet no one has guessed what it is when I asked about it on my FB page. I did take a photo of the other side to show you the before-but for some reason, it won’t upload. Dang. Guess what, it is the other […]

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2014 Work at Arvada Center Art Show

Check out my work at the Arvada Center through December 21!

2014 Work at Arvada Center Art Show I hope that many of you-hey all of you will come and take a look at the 2014 Arvada Holiday Art Show. It is only up until December 21, Sunday. Lots of great, reasonably priced art work. Jewelry, pottery, mosaics, paintings and cards and other gift items for […]

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Crow wonderful life

What happens to the Gratitude?

Last night there was more sad news in the world. The man known for his character telling someone that “If you are that depressed-ask for help. Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems” took his own life, it seems. Robin Williams is no more. Personally, my favorite film of his is “Popeye”. I love […]

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Have you ever wanted to say”na na na na na nah…”

Many years ago-back in the 1800’s, I was sitting in a high school History class, when the teacher ‘asked” me to stay after class. It turned out that he was annoyed by my doodling. I tried to explain to him that doodling helped me to stay on task and focus. As part of the conversation, […]

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DCF 1.0

Finished the bluebird…

I have been having a wonderful time being busy and going through my thousands of books and getting my “library” ready to bring in a new incredibly heavy bookshelf that I rescued from an old Weight Watchers Center once it closed. Now I have to put all dem books into proper categories and see if […]

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What is on my drawing table right now?

I finally got an inquiry from someone on the web site and it was a beautiful letter from someone who had purchased the bluebird in the photo from a Shop that used to sell my work-for more than 25 years here in Denver. I wish they still did. Maybe I’ll have to start a write […]

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