Does Bigger make it ART?

On Saturday night, Motzei Shabbos, I was in a Gallery of Contemporary Art and as I was rolling my pineapple in the flowing chocolate from a Chocolate Fountain, my attention was caught by a Work of Art that gave me pause. Why? Because I have been doing what that artist was doing for the past 6 years. The difference? Well, his painting/altered photograph was nearly life size. It was an image of 4 women. My painting? The above shows a Family portrait-with my whimsical additions, and it is much smaller. And much less expensive. Both altered photos/paintings are of unknown people. His-shows four women in a photo found in Turkey. The photo had nothing written on it to identify the people. My photo was found in a collection of my father in law who died when my husband was only 6. The photo had no identifying details. All we know for sure is that the family is Jewish and European. Just wondering. Does Bigger make it “Art”? What do you think the gallery owner might have made of my painting? I do admit that I kinda, maybe thought of showing my work to this gallery owner. I didn’t though. The last time I talked to a gallery owner, the owner plainly stated that she wasn’t interested in showing anything overtly Jewish, spiritual or religious in her gallery. So I assume that most gallery owners share that prejudice. Especially ones that show Contemporary Art.

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  1. Carol Racklin-Siegel March 1, 2016 at 10:12 am #

    Arel – I think that “bigger” doesn’t make it art — it just makes it bigger art – and more loud, self-confident, and maybe more noteworthy… it’s the difference between a whisper and a scream.
    By the way – I would show your art to this gallery owner, especially the painting of the family portrait. I absolutely love it! One gallery owner that is not interested in “religious”art, does not mean they all are the same. I think you should take your art to a few more galleries – and see, but look at the art in them first to see if you are a fit. I’ve been having trouble here also, finding the right fit.
    I’m getting ready for the AACI show here – “The Art of Pesach”. Featuring me! xoxoxo miss you!

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